Friday, August 31, 2012

June: Moving to Utah

The packing up to Utah was awesome.  IHC paid to have movers come and do all the work for us.  It was awesome...all except for one thing.  Our A/C went out.  And the part to fix it took 7 days to install.  It was awful because June is the hottest month in Arizona.  Our movers had to pack up and move the stuff out to the car in 95 degree weather IN OUR HOUSE and outside it was in the 100's.  It was awful.  The packers didn't complain outwardly and were so nice, but I'm sure it was the worst job they've ever had.

After we moved in with my parents for 3 weeks while our stuff was being stored and our apartment was opening up.  It was crazy.  I am so so so thankful to my parents for letting us move in with them (me for 3 weeks, Ryan for 10 days...he had to stay and study for a test, clean our house, and drive our other car to Utah!) while we got things taken care of.  My parents were so great to feed us, take us to fun places, play, and rest.  They are awesome.

Here are some pictures I took of the fun things we did (before my phone died...the cord was in storage!)


I love my Grandma Morgan!  Little Madelyn Alice is named after her! Grandma thinks that is so special!


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