Friday, August 31, 2012

June: Our Last Days in Tucson

Our last days in Tucson were bitter-sweet.  We were so excited to move back home to Utah and so ready to get out of the hot Tucson sun, but I was sad to leave the friends that I had made the past 4 years.  We spent our last days with friends.  One of my best friends I made in Arizona was Carol Madsen.  She was there for me from beginning to end.  She took care of me and my kids during residency and always mades sure that I was happy and was my shoulder to cry on.  She was my rock and saved me numerous times.  We worked out together, had playdates, watched each other's children, had swimming parties, biked and walked Sabino Canyon and played tennis together.  I am grateful and lucky to have called her my friend.  She is one of those people whom when you meet you never forget. 
She threw me and Ryan a goodbye party.  I loved being with everyone who meant so much to me.  I wish that Janae Henderon, Janelle Blackham, and Michelle Gamett could have joined us, but they had previously moved.  They were also some of my good friends that helped me tremendously through that 4 years.  I love all you guys!  Everyone in that picture has a huge place in my heart among others not mentioned.  I loved my time in Tucson.  Go Hidden Valley Ward!

 Debbie Crowther, Jasmine Spear, Cathy Larsen, Carlie Thompson, Carol Madsen, Emily Taylor, and me!
 Carol, I, our babies and a grumpy Nathan!
 This little lady right here also meant the world to me.  This is Wendy Brimhall.  She was my rock my last year when I moved to a house in the Binghampton ward.  She was one of the nicest people I had met and we bonded immediately.  Our kids were about the same age and so were we! A rare treat!  We would talk and text for hours about whatever was on our minds.  She made me laugh and we had a lot of fun together.  She let me join her co-op preschool mid year where I met Carrie and Nastia and we all became great friends.  Wendy really helped me out and made my last year feel a lot less lonely.  I just love her!

 We went bowling together with the kids and our kids also did swimming lessons together those first weeks in June.  She is such a good friend. 

 Here is Josh in between Landon and Trevy
 We also visited Reid Park Zoo for the last time.  We went there countless times over those 4 years.  We were happy to see the new Elephant addition before we left.  It was awesome!

 Isn't she the cutest???
 Wendy, Carrie, and me
 Those cute kids:  Kairn, Callie, Landon, Nate, and Joshy
 This is Ryan at his residency graduation dinner.  Ryan got an award as the Best Surgeon in Laproscopy during his program year.  It is beautifully framed.  They dinner was great, Ryan was complimented by his colleagues and we had a great time.  After the dinner, the graduating residents put on a roast.  It was funny, and then each of them got a joke prize to take home.  Ryan's was a wig so he wouldn't scare those babies and also a bag of treats since he is the junk food consumer of the group.  It was a great 4 years.  Best of luck to Katherine Glaser, Katie Degan, and Marissa Gonzalez.  They are going to be great doctors!
Me and my sweetheart.  I love him and am oh so proud!!

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