Friday, June 1, 2012

May May May...What Can I Say?

May was a little bitter sweet.  It is always hard to see a school year end.  It means the kids are growing up.  But it's also exciting because it not only means that summer is here, but most especially that we are finishing up with medical residency and saying goodbye to Tucson in the very near future.  As much as I've loved this adventure, I am sure excited for it to end.  8 years is a long time to endure minimum amounts of husband / father time.  I am ready for him to be around more to enjoy our kids' childhoods and to have a little more money and time for dates and family fun.  I have very much missed our families.  Being alone is okay and it sure helps you to become strong and independent.  Especially for a marriage.  But I really love people and my family is number one.  I am looking forward to family reunions, camping trips, vacations, birthday parties, and holidays.  I feel like my kids have missed out on bonding cousin relationships and I'm grateful Josh has only missed 6 1/2 years and Nate 4 years and have a lifetime to make up for it.  I hope that SLC doesn't disappoint us!!

I put Joshua in Drama Club in January.  It was once a week and he had a great time.  They mostly played games, sang, and memorized their lines for their upcoming play.  Joshua was Prince Harry in the Frog and the Prince.  Everyone had about 4 lines and when it was presented, no one really "acted", but just stood up and said their lines from the story.  Honestly, it was hard to understand, but all the kids knew their lines.  The best part was the singing.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died (see a pattern?) so I didn't get any pictures of my handsome prince.  But he had fun and I'm glad he was able to have that experience.

The boys are totally into Legos right now.  They enjoy making vehicles and playing with the people.  They like it when I take pictures of their inventions.  They have been a lifesaver and keeps my kids busy and creative for hours a day.

On Cinco de Mayo, Ryan's work threw a work family party.  They had delicous food and had a bouncy house for the kids to play in around a park area.  It took Nathan some cohersing, but we finally convinced him that it wasn't scary (that kid is a scaredy cat!) and he had a blast in the bouncy house. There was also a pinata and of course Eegee's.  Yum.  Afterwards we let the kids walk in the river down to the car.  Who doesn't like walking in the water on a hot, sunny day?

Maddie started to use her walker this month to practice her upcoming newest trick.  She is very afraid to stand on her own (although she can do it, if I let go, she balances just fine) so walking may be slow and steady for her.  Following the Porter trend, we need to build up courage to try new things.  She had her last laser treatment at the beginning of this month.  Well, her last treatment in Arizona.  She will probably need maintenence treatments her whole life, but we are proud of the progress the laser treatments have made to her complexion.

Nathan finished up co-op preschool this month.  We are SO glad that we joined them in January.  Nathan has learned so much and grown so much in maturity the past 6 months.  He has learned how to use scissors, write his name, his coloring is better, he's learned about animals, colors, letters, numbers, patterns, friendships, and many other things.  The parents I've worked with have been fantastic.  I will miss them and Nathan will miss Landon, Nikoli, Callie, Trevy, and Cairn.  Such cute kids.

Josh graduated from Kindergarten.  I still think it's silly to have a graduation ceremony and get them all dressed up, but the kids enjoyed it immensely and that party was grand.  The principal spoke, the kids sang about 3 songs, and then they called up their names individually to shake hands and to give out their certificates.  It was quite the ordeal!!  I'm proud of my little guy and he has grown so much this past year.  He is great at math and reading (like always).  We will miss Sonoran Science Academy!!  What a great school year.

So far this summer we have gone swimming a few times, gone to the splash pad, had play-dates, done chores, and started summer homework amongst the norm.  We have a countdown chain to Utah and we are down to 17 days!!  Maddie was sick yesterday and passed on her bug to Nate....I think I know who may be next (ugh!) I hope it doesn't last too much longer.  We have playing to do!  Here's to summer, saying goodbye to Tucson, and especially the Big Move!!

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Mortar and Pestle Mom said...

Must be a girl thing. Our little girly held out on walking on her own until 16 months. She was so cautious...but I can't least she wasn't falling all of the time. Good luck with your move. I know exactly what you mean about the advantages of being close to family. So happy for you!